The Let It Be Foundation

Mission Statement

  • To provide ongoing support and services to families of children diagnosed with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses throughout the sick child’s treatment, with a focus on the entire family.
  • We look beyond the diagnosis and listen to each unique situation with our hearts to help restore a sense of normalcy to their daily lives.
  • We base the support we offer on what keeps a family “normal” because every family’s dynamic and needs are different.
  • We provide home care essentials such as food, gasoline, housecleaning and yard maintenance and so much more. The family's support is based on the needs of the family and the funds available.

C2C Connection

Cindy formed a relationship with Ruthe Rosen, the co-founder, while in a small group together at church. In High School, Steven served on the foundation’s youth leadership team where he developed a heart and passion for families dealing with life-threatening illnesses. We’ve seen the overwhelming obstacles families face when their children are diagnosed. Sadly, there are always more families with needs than funds allow for, so we are committed to partnering with this organization financially and voluntarily. We never want money to be the reason families don’t receive the care they need. We’re thankful for the Rosen Family and their dedication to helping the suffering families in the community with The Let It Be Foundation.